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The Russo Brothers Confirm Tony Stark’s Dream From ‘Infinity War’ Scene With Pepper

With the home video release of Avengers: Infinity War only a week away (it was released on digital on July 31st), Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers are on another press tour of sorts. In collaboration with Vudu, Joe and Anthony Russo hosted a viewing party online during which they answered a bunch of fan questions on Twitter through the @Avengers handle. We highlighted a few in an article yesterday (8/6) that centered around Red Skull, Thor, Rocket, Groot, and Stormbreaker. You can check those out by CLICKING HERE.



Another one stood out that we want to dive into today. It’s about Tony Stark’s dream he discusses with Pepper Potts in the park in his first scene of the film. In it, he talks about a dream he had that felt as real as one can feel. The illusion saw Pepper pregnant with a son who they name after her eccentric uncle Morgan. Fans of the comics know Morgan Stark as Tony’s cousin, Howard Stark’s brother Edward’s son. Growing up, Morgan Stark believed that Howard cheated his father Edward out of the Stark company fortune and Morgan subsequently tried to take control of Stark Industries from Tony. He went to great lengths in multiple Iron Man series to defeat Tony but was never quite able to, regardless of the team he put together.




As for the film, Tony has had dreams before that came to fruition. Take Thanos, for example. He’s been Tony’s nightmare/monster in the closet since the Battle of New York, and we see where that’s gotten us. As for his dream that Pepper was pregnant, could it be foreshadowing into the future? One fan asked about it, and although the Russo brothers played it pretty coy, they did leave the door open…



It’ll be interesting to see if his dream does come true and what they do with the character if it is. Marvel Studios and the directors take some liberties with the source material, so the sky is the limit. Infinity War hits retailers on August 14th!



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