The Room’s Tommy Wiseau And The Nerdist Recreate The Dark Knight’s Interrogation Scene

Some actors gain notoriety for roles they play and movies they make and become famous. People love their work, and they go down in history because of their skills in their chosen craft. Others gain notoriety because of their work and become infamous. Tommy Wiseau falls in the latter category, and it’s not that people don’t love him and his work, they absolutely do, they just don’t love it because it’s good. For those who haven’t seen it, Wiseau’s film, The Room, which he wrote, directed, produced, and acted in, is widely considered one of the worse films in history. However, it has gained a cult following along with its creator, and Wiseau has become infamous for it.




James Franco and Seth Rogan released a film titled The Disaster Artist in 2017 that is based on Wiseau’s life, along with his friend and collaborator by the name of Greg Sestero, and the filming of The Room. The film was critically acclaimed, earning Franco a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Wiseau, and all of the attention around it simply made Wiseau more famous in the process. His dreams of being a star came true, but it didn’t happen in a conventional way.




When it was announced that there would be films made based around DC’s Joker, Tommy immediately threw his name in the ring. While highly unlikely, it got him the attention he was after, and The Nerdist helped him create an audition for it as a gag. Everyone is in on the joke, including Tommy. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below…



Now, The Nerdist has teamed back up with Wiseau and Sestero and taken things a step further. They filmed the entire interrogation scene from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Say goodbye to Heath Ledger and Christian Bale, say hello to Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero!



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