The Punisher Is Now Taking His Bloody War To Both Heroes And Villains

Frank Castle means business in The Punisher #2. Fresh off of murdering The Mandarin publically at the UN, Castle is currently hunting down members of Hydra. If there’s one thing that Frank Castle doesn’t like, it’s definitely being tricked or taken advantage of, so after what Hydra pulled with the help of a brainwashed Captain America, there’s definitely some payback to be had.




However, this latest run-in revenge schemes has more than just Hydra on the hunt for Frank Castle but also Nick Fury and other heroes too. Castle ends up brutally murdering two Hydra members broad day in the middle of Times Square. Not only that, but it was filmed by civilians giving the world a gruesome look into his tactics, which is why the world wants to either bing Castle in for justice or to kill him.




The first hero to step up the plate is actually quite perfect for the job. It’s none other than Luke Cage who’s entirely bulletproof from head to toe. He stands right in the path of The Punisher’s van speeding down the road and brings it to a dead halt.




Out flies Frank Castle, but as you know it will take much more than that to destroy The Punisher in his own comicbook.


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