The Punisher Finally Bites The Dust In New ‘Old Man Logan’ Comicbook

We talked earlier this month about Old Man Logan Annual #1, but it’s amazing and there are so many angles to the story that it’s worth covering from another perspective. If you’re just catching up with what’s happening with our adamantium-clawed friend that goes by the name of Logan, then you should know that he’s in a little over his head. This is why he’s teaming up with a familiar pal who also has a knack for murdering or, in this case, punishing.




There’s a group of really bad outlaws calling themselves the Punishers and are currently on a killing spree all around the wastelands. They like to roll into a town, murder the men, and kidnap the children for some reason unknown to the women and those lucky enough to be left living after they come knocking. Logan feels responsible after disposing of the Hulk Gang who stood in the way of the Punishers before, and Frank Castle wants to get his name back, along with his memories the outlaws stole from him. This makes them the perfect guys for the bloody job ahead.




Fast forward a bit and our two anti-heroes find themselves in the thick of The Punishers’ camp. They know that in order for this strike to be fully effective they need to eliminate the gang’s leader, who goes by the name of Panhead. Unfortunately for Frank and Logan, Panhead has no intention of dying without a fight.




With all of the pleasantries over and done with, Panhead rushes like a madman at Frank who appears to suddenly be out of ammunition. Uh oh . . .


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