The Original Opening For ‘Venom’ Was Much Different Than What Was In The Film

It’s finally here! Venom just came out in theaters and is making a lot of noise as the vicious symbiote makes a new introduction to the world with the help of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. Hardy’s character would become the symbiote’s host after a series of dramatic events connect the two of them in ways deeper than surface level.




They are literally sharing the same body, so this forces these two characters to find a way to work with each other for survival. The result is an action-packed thriller of a ride that you need to experience first hand. The translation from comicbook source material to film is something that the team was mindful of getting right, considering how complex Venom is both externally and within.




The character’s creator, Todd McFarlane, talked about what the movie really got right in an interview with IGN explaining:

“For Venom, I only wanted one thing. I was very simple. Please, for the love of God, make him big. Right? Because when I designed him he was big, he was like a house. So Spider-Man was skinny, Venom was big, and so you couldn’t have a physical fight because Venom would win and so now Spider-Man has to get intellectually smart to beat him. Please, please, please give me something big and I saw big. So I had one big box and they checked it for me. I saw a big Venom onscreen more than once. It was cool.”


Other really good ideas, however, were for better or worse back peddled on. In this case, the opening of the film. Remember the whole mysterious spacecraft crash at the beginning that set the movie off?




Ruben Fleischer, Venom’s director, explained that there was another option on the table for the opening of the movie that they decided to pass on which would have looked really cool on screen.


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