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The Official Top 10 List Of Marvel Movies Based On Ratings By Rotten Tomatoes

The debate over which Marvel film is the best one gets debated between fans and critics daily. The truth of the matter is, art is subjective. So, while one film may be your favorite and number one on your list, it could be completely different for someone else. This raises the question… How can we judge which is best? The answer is difficult, and probably subjective as well, so we just went with the Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Check out their Top 10 list below…


10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 – 91%



Guardians served as one of the first MCU films of phase two. It opened up the universe to a whole other realm of possibilities. We got introduced to the Guardians and the big, wide universe without it feeling like a copy of Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other space movies that came before it. For that, GotG holds a spot on the list.


9. Captain America: Civil War – 91%



This film got out a lot of dirty laundry between the Avengers and also brought us one of the most epic fight scenes to date. It can be hard to watch our favorite heroes going head to head against each other. Who do you root for? Regardless if you were Team Cap or Team Iron Man, Civil War was the friendship-ruiner we never knew we needed. Also, shoutout to Spider-Man and T’Challa who were both introduced in Civil War. Couldn’t imagine a world without ’em! Oops, too soon?


8. X-Men: Day of Future Past – 91%



This film was a long time coming. It had been years since we’d seen the original X-Men cast on our screens. Combining that with the younger First Class cast was a bold idea, complete with time travel, robots, and a flying football stadium. Somehow this combination worked amazingly. And the ending brought back Jean Grey and Scott Summers, so it was an immediate win.

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