The New Hawkeye Is Hiring New Heroes To The Squad In ‘West Coast Avengers #1’

Being one of the only heroes on the west coast must be a tough job, especially when the bad guys begin to notice that there’s a huge lack of superhero support on that side of the country. Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye, is learning just how true that is, as things open in the first issue of West Coast Avengers.




Oddly enough Clint Barton, the first Hawkeye, led a team of Avengers on the west coast which ran off and on from 1984-2016. Now it’s time for another Hawkeye to take the lead this year, but she will definitely need some help.




After taking on a gang of land sharks (yes they had legs) with the help of her boyfriend Johnny Watts, AKA Fuse, the powerhouse America Chavez, and Clint Barton, everyone was pretty wiped out and headed back to Kate’s office/pad.




The general consensus was that Kate needed to orchestrate and lead a team of Avengers on the west coast, but with quality and experienced heroes in low supply out there, who can she really depend on?


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