The Mystery Of Logan’s Resurrection Is Revealed In New Comicbook Series

When everyone’s favorite adamantium claw-wielding mutant got killed off in the comicbooks back in 2014, it’s safe to say that many were feeling the pain. We were left with Logan entombed in a massive amount of molten adamantium, which had likely suffocated him and trapped him for eternity. But recently, Logan has made his return to the disbelief of all around and now the hunt for both Wolverine and the truth is on.




Hunt for Wolverine #1 begins to unravel the story of what happened after Logan’s death and tells how he made it out of that horrible situation with his life still sort of intact.




Nothing stays buried forever, especially when you have a team of Reavers on the job looking to plunder what they can from Logan’s not-so-final resting place. Between the adamantium, if they could harvest it, and Logan’s DNA, they could walk away with a pretty penny’s worth of goods.




Little do they know, payday will come at a steep price.


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