The Mysterious Origin Of Domino’s Birthmark Is Revealed In New Comicbook

Marvel’s lucky mercenary known as Domino has recently resurfaced and gained a bunch of popularity since Zazie Beetz portrayed the character in the summer hit Deadpool 2. Neena Thurman, AKA Domino, was subjected to a bunch of really shady tests and experiments as a child in the hopes of creating the perfect super soldier. Domino was one of the only survivors of these horrible happenings and was eventually able to escape her captors with her mutant ability intact.




In a new comicbook in which Domino headlines, we get a look into some of her past, which isn’t exactly staying buried. A new enemy by the name of Topaz is trying to take out Domino as well as anyone she cares about.




After a deadly explosion which seemingly kills all of Domino’s friends and severely injures her in the process, we are taken to a flashback where all of those horrible experiments took place when Domino was just a child.




We then get a brief introduction to the scientists conducting these terrible tests on the children in their “care”, and slowly, one by one, they disappear.


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