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The Man Behind The Mutants: A Chris Claremont Documentary IS On The Way

Chris Claremont’s 17 years with Marvel is noted as legendary. Bringing a failing X-Men comicbook series back from the brink of cancellation as a young writer is no easy feat. He is often praised for his work with John Byrne on the Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, and many others that have netted him a place in the Will Eisner Award Hall Of Fame in 2015.




Not only that, but Claremont and collaborative writer Jim Lee can add “Guinness World Record Holder” to their repertoires since their 1991 premiere issue of the X-Men spinoff is still the #1 best selling comicbook of all time.




As a tribute to the hard work and creative ingenuity of this Marvel favorite, fans will be presented with a documentary surrounding Claremont’s work with the X-Men, bringing them out of the dark.

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