‘The Life Of Captain Marvel’ Gets Cool Variant Cover Art To Go With New Origin Story

Captain Marvel is about to make some serious noise when it comes time to show her stuff on the big screen next year, as she makes her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in the meanwhile, there are still a handful of really interesting happenings in 2018 surrounding the hero. Carol Danvers is charged up and ready to go in a new comicbook miniseries created by veteran writer, Margaret Stohl. The aim is to take what we already know about the character and change the origin in a few key ways to bring Carol down to Earth.




A couple of variants for the cover have emerged to whet the appetite of readers eager to sink their teeth into The Life of Captain Marvel #1. The photo above, illustrated by the very talented Joe Quesada, depicts a very young Carol Danvers many years before she would come in contact with the power source and Kree superhero, Mahr Vehl, AKA Doctor Philip Lawson, in an event that would transform her into something extraordinary and change her life forever.




Also, in celebration of International Women’s Day this month, Marvel Studios revealed 10 additional variant covers for upcoming comicbook issues. This included beautiful artwork from Sana Takeda for The Life of Captain Marvel #1. It takes on a very soft and subtle tone eluding to some important memories and influencers in Carol’s life hanging in picture frames on the wall behind her.




As The Life of Captain Marvel #1 gears up to release on Independence Day this year, sparks will be flying high and Stohl couldn’t be more stoked to bring this character to a shelf near you.

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