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Six For Six: The Powers And Weaknesses Of The Incredible Hulk

Anyone who knows anything about The Incredible Hulk knows that he’s one of the strongest characters to ever grace the pages of comicbooks. As smart as his alter ego Bruce Banner is, the Hulk is equally as strong, and the angrier he becomes, the stronger he can get. There have been different versions of the character throughout the years, but the one thing that stays pretty consistent is his strength.


The last time we saw him on-screen was during Avengers: Infinity War. What we didn’t expect to see was him get beat up by Thanos as easy as he did, subsequently refusing to allow Banner to transform back into him afterward. Many people speculate that the MCU is moving to have him evolve into Professor Hulk, but that’s purely speculation at this point. The Hulk is an interesting character, though. Some people believed him to be nearly invincible, but after seeing him lose to Thanos in that matter, it made us want to highlight not only some of the Hulk’s powers but also some of his weaknesses too. Check them out below…


We’ll start with his strengths…


Unlimited Stamina


While it’s true that he does show signs of fatigue after a battle is complete, it doesn’t actually affect him during a fight. His rage and anger allow him to start at full stamina throughout long-term battles. So, while his opponents wear down, he continues on with a full tank!


Fire Resistance


As demonstrated in Thor: Ragnarok, the Hulk’s skin is completely resistant to fire, allowing him to stay in the heat of battle, literally, against just about anyone!


The Good Side Of Rage


The more he angers, the stronger he becomes. It’s clear why this would be one of his biggest strengths.


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