The Incredible Hulk Becomes Thanos’s Pet In Marvel’s Comicbook Future

The recent series involving the Mad Titan has his younger self thrown into the future where King Thanos rules over all of the cosmos. The grim tale delves into the backstory of the character, giving readers insight into his past as well. Even Thanos’s real name is revealed to be Dionne, which was given to him by his mother Sui-San before she was driven mad.




During his travels, the Mad Titan meets up with a cosmic version of Ghost Rider who used to be Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. However, after a deal with the devil, Castle came back to become Galactus’s Herald and then serve under King Thanos, becoming mad after centuries of servitude.




King Thanos requires the help of his younger counterpart in order to destroy The Fallen One, who is Norrin Radd, aka Silver Surfer, after taking control of the Annihilation Wave. He also possesses the worthiness to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. He shows up at Thanos’s doorstep with the weapon in hand in an attempt to finally end their dispute.




However, the comicbook takes an even more grim turn, as one of the most classic of superheroes is reduced to an indignified pet of the Mad Titan.

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