‘The Immortal Hulk’ Comicbook Series Embodies The Essence Of Horror

When thinking about the big green monster from the Marvel Universe, some traits should immediately come to mind. He’s huge, angry, green, and ripped from head to toe, for sure. But one thing that may kind of go over some people’s heads is actually how terrifying the Incredible, and now technically Immortal, Hulk can be.




That’s right, the new 2018 version of the Hulk has clarified that he will indeed rise from the dead every time that he is killed, which definitely adds an interesting and horrifying element to the character. Not only is his strength virtually enough to overpower anyone, but now he also can’t die. This solidifies that he is one of the most tenacious and formidable characters in the Marvel Universe, if that wasn’t clear already.




The Immortal Hulk #1, a new comicbook series from writer Al Ewing with art by Joe Bennet, Ruy Jose, and Paul Mounts, really dives into what truly makes the Hulk a force to be reckoned with and feared above all else.




Too bad for this loan sharking biker gang in the story. It seems like they got the memo a little too late.


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