The Hulkverine Is Gearing Up To Clash With The First Avenger In Upcoming Comicbook

Imagine being one of the most deadly soldiers on the face of the planet where killing is just a part of your everyday job. Then one day, you get some orders to do some pretty sketchy business involving killing the innocent, so instead you turn on your squadron before things can go from horrible to worse. The end result is being subjected to a bunch of Weapon X-type experiments, leaving you changed forever. A little bit of Lady Death Stroke, some Sabretooth, a dash of Domino, and a whole lot of Hulk and Wolverine, and you get Weapon H the Hulkverine, the ultimate warrior!




Weapon H #5 left off with Clay, the Hulkverine, uniting with his wife after she thought he was killed on duty. Clay had been on the run from Roxxon, the leading corporation in energy on Earth, while dabbling in the mystical arts and interdimensional travel. They wanted to use what the Hulkverine can provide, which is basically adding to the extensive body count he’s been racking up at the moment, so that they can secure some important and super-secret off-world energy.


Where Weapon H #5 ends implies that Clay is going to take the deal in exchange for his family’s safety, but who knows what awaits on his journey ahead? Judging from the cover art on the upcoming sixth issue, it looks like the Hulkverine is going to be duking it out with the one and only Captain America! Check it out below…




The official description for Weapon H #6 per Marvel’s Digital Comics Shop reads:

“BLOOD ON THE FLAG! Monsters are on the loose, and that means Weapon H is on the hunt! But to the red, white and blue, there’s only one real monster: the Hulkverine himself. Captain America and Weapon H clash at last!”




Then, coming up on September 12th is Weapon H #7 which gives the impression that the two warriors may be fighting on the same side to take on a mutual enemy. The description reads:

“THE STARS AND SKRULLDUGGERS! What are “Skrullduggers”? Dragon monsters with Skrull shape-shifting powers, obviously. What else is in this issue? Captain America and the Hulkverine! Who’s gonna buy this book? YOU!”


We’ll have to wait month by month to piece together the rest of this incredible story, so be sure to stay up to date on all of the Hulkverine’s hacking and slashing as new issues arrive.


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