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Letter Perfect: It’s The A-Z Geek Alphabet


What a Mon Calamity!

Director George Lucas and the Admiral are having a bit of a disagreement.

Beware This Tiny Durin’s Bane

Look how cute it is completely decimating the Dwarves of Moria.

Sweet Baby Jayne(‘s Hat)

Someone fix that poor child’s broken Firefly Class ship! Serenity, is that you?!

 Still Better Than The Sarlacc Pit

Oh whoops…Boba’s not supposed to know about that quite yet. 

Star Wars Alternate Universe

Let’s say C-3PO was incapable of speaking Ewokese. 

Darth Daddy-O

Vader has certainly got a lot of explaining to do. 

It’s Suppertime for Audrey II

Feed me Seymour! Feed me all night long!

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