The ‘Extermination’ Of The All New X-Men May Occur In New Comicbook Event

The X-Men have always played a very central role in Marvel’s storytelling, and have easily become one of the most beloved groups of characters in the comicbook universe. Although the team of mutants has changed over the years, there have been a lot of elements that remained consistent that helps to ground the X-Men in ways that make their fight and stake in the world believable, even when that deals with time travel.




The idea of launching X-Men members through multiple dimensions, realities, or timelines isn’t a new concept at all for the mutants. The most recent attempt at time travel envelops the original five X-Men and catapults them to the future to meet older versions of themselves.




In 2012, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Ice Man, Angel and Beast were transported to the distant future with the help of Hank McCoy’s tech. Professor Xavier lets the team know that they will eventually return to their proper timeline, but not until the time is absolutely perfect so as not to interrupt that natural flow of the spacetime continuum.




Thus X-Men Blue was created and follows the five X-Men as they acclimate to living in the future. They end up crossing paths with the future versions of themselves, working with other heroes and mutants, and developing their own abilities along the way.


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