The Avengers Give A Gory Greeting To Deadpool In New Bloody Comicbook

Any time that you flip the pages of a Deadpool comicbook, you can count on a fair share of violence, profanity, and outrageousness that could only unfold from the mind of Wade Wilson. But as it appears, even those that normally wouldn’t operate within the reckless way of Deadpool just may lose a little of their innocence in exchange for an unexpected ride on the wild side.





Deadpool #2 proves that point very clearly as we catch up with Wade who’s hanging out at the shopping mall where his office is conveniently located. Everything is going just fine until none other than Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, shows up with a message.




However, it appears that Deadpool wants absolutely nothing to do with anything related to Captain America after a brainwashed Cap was able to brainwash Wade into killing Phil Coulson. After that, Deadpool factory restarted his mind to block out those dark memories and dashed away at the first sight of Cap.




All was fine and well until that big star-spangled shield of Cap’s came flying through the air…


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