Alternate Realities and Three-Dimensional Heroes


Beta Ray Bill


Beta Ray Bill is the first non-Asgardian hero that was deemed worthy of Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. He wasn’t necessarily an alternate version of the thunder god, but rather possessed the same immense power and spirit as the Mighty Thor. Now, he wields his very own war hammer, Stormbreaker, and this denizen of the Korbinite race is known to defy and fight gods like Egypt’s “Seth” and high-level mutants such as Juggernaut.



Italian Spider-Man

Steve Ditko and Stan Lee certainly outdid themselves in the search for a fallible, relatable young hero to break through the norms of every superhero needing to be invulnerable. However, the fine people at Australian Company ALRUGO broke the mold even further with their version of the beloved web-slinger.

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