Alternate Realities and Three-Dimensional Heroes

If you are a comicbook fan, chances are you have a favorite character and story line. With the upward trend in comicbook character movies, we’re guessing you probably have a preference for which actor should play those characters, too. The combinations of actors playing superheroes have infinite potential and our imaginations can run wild with the possibilities.


Our favorite heroes often develop into new characters. The fascinating part about character development is getting to witness how each character transforms, what makes them different and what direction their narrative will take. In this post, we take a look at some of the most incredible alternate realities that have graced the pages of Marvel Comics. After reading, let us know which ones are your favorites!

The Incredible Hulk

Grey vs. Green


The absolute brilliance of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee to run with a printing accident and turn it into a dichotomy of man’s quest for peace was sheer genius. Although the Hulk was initially meant to be grey, when the comics were first printed, his skin color changed to pale green. Stan would later explain that the more intelligently spoken Grey Hulk was duking it out with the Green Hulk in Bruce Banner’s subconscious mind.


Reed Richards AKA Mister Fantastic (Fantastic Four)

Interdimensional Council of Reeds


Those familiar with the Adult Swim animated TV show, Rick and Morty, can see where Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland got the inspiration for the Citadel of Ricks. Carrying the immense power of their dimensions’ Infinity Gauntlets, the Council of Reeds was formed by three different versions of Mister Fantastic. This was done to help bridge the gaps of the multiverse in a valiant attempt to gather as many versions of one of the most brilliant minds in Marvel comics in one place. Together, the Council of Reeds would stop scientific catastrophes and inter-dimensional threats such as different versions of Galactus or Doctor Doom. The Council began to dissipate when the original Reed Richards declined the offer to leave his universe behind in order to join up.



Spider-Man Noir


During the American Great Depression, all is bleak and hopelessly grey as Norman Osborn’s (the Goblin) gang the Enforcers run amok in 1930s New York City. Peter Parker – raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben to hold an activist’s determination – stands against the unfair treatment of lower-class workers. Later in life, Peter becomes a truth-seeking journalist and wanders into a warehouse of stolen antiques to follow a lead on how his uncle’s life was swallowed up by New York’s corrupt elite. Once inside, he clumsily breaks a spider statue, which unleashes a swarm of tiny arachnids upon him, putting him to sleep as he dreams of an eight-legged god. After waking in black webbing, he realizes the power given to him, and garbs himself in his uncle’s WWI uniform to defend New York City against the forces of evil.