The 2nd Trailer For ‘Glass’ Is Finally Here, And It Looks As Intense As Everyone Has Hoped!

For the past few days, Blumhouse Productions and the team behind director M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming trilogy film for his Unbreakable series, Glass, has been teasing the film’s latest trailer. In the process, they’ve released three separate moving movie posters showing off the three main players, as well as the aliases of both Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson’s characters. We don’t mention James McAvoy’s simply because we learned of The Beast during the origin of his character in 2016’s Split.


However, Jackson and Willis’ characters were known to fans as David Dunn and Elijah Price. We assumed that they went by Unbreakable and Mr. Glass as that’s how the first film was presented, but lo and behold, that wasn’t the case.


Instead, Jackson’s Mr. Glass is actually known as The Mastermind, and Willis’ Unbreakable is known as The Overseer. Both of the names make sense as their ability, or inability, to be injured is only part of their actual power. As we learned in Unbreakable, Dunn is able to see events outside of the normal scope of sight, and Price not only understands how special certain people are, but he’s also able to manipulate the world around him to make is plans come to life.




When it comes to the latest trailer, today marked the day of its release to the public, and with it, we get a much deeper look into what’s happening in the plot, how far our characters powers and abilities are able to be stretched, and just how deep their connections will go in Glass. If you were excited for the upcoming film before, this trailer is going to do nothing but ramp that excitement up. M. Night Shyamalan looks to be going even further with the trilogy film than he did with the first two installments, and we’re here for it. Check out the trailer below!



Glass is due in theaters on January 18, 2019.


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