Infinity War Directors Explain How Thanos Used (& Comboed) The Infinity Stones

The moment at the end of Infinity War when Thanos finally acquired all six Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers, wiping out half the universal population, was built up from years and years of work to get to that point. As fans know, it was only possible after Thanos went through a lot of steps to get to all of the stones.


Before acquiring all of the stones, however, Thanos was still a formidable opponent. Each stone added a new power to Thanos’ arsenal, but what exactly made it possible for him to do so much damage with the stones? Sure, we could just chalk it up to magic, but the creators of Infinity War delved so deep into the lore of the MCU that the gauntlet is a very calculated machine, as are the powers within it.



The Infinity War special features provide an outlet for the directors and screenwriters of the film to speak about all the detail that it took to intertwine all of the stories and layers of it all, and that includes the details of each Infinity Stone. One of the largest displays of Infinity Stone power was when Thanos battled Tony Stark, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy on his ruined planet of Titan.




In the commentary, the Russo brothers explained that the big move against the Avengers was pulling the moon on Titan down and throwing it at them, as fans saw in the film. This insane trick was done through the use of both the Power Stone and the Space Stone.


The Power Stone was acquired by Thanos from Zandar after the Guardians of the Galaxy rescued it from Ronan, while the Space Stone was the Tesseract, which he acquired from Loki at the start of Infinity War.




Both stones had to be used in order to achieve what Thanos did, instead of just miscellaneous regard to the moon-throwing move, the directors said the following:

“[Thanos] uses two stones there. He uses the Power Stone to destroy the moon. And then he uses the Space Stone to pull it so quickly to the surface of Titan.”


Although the Avengers were able to avoid most of the hit, it was still a sight so see Thanos learning how to use the stones so quickly and in such a destructive way. The directors also said that he used both the Power Stone and the Soul Stone to eliminate Doctor Strange’s clones and locate the true Sorcerer Supreme




The use of these Stones was before Thanos was at his most powerful, so the use of all six Stones turning half the universe to dust is no surprise. However, given the revelation that the use of the Infinity Gauntlet in all its colorful glory injured Thanos greatly, maybe his days of doing combo hits of Infinity Stone powers are over and the tides will turn for our heroes!


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