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Tessa Thompson Gives Praise To Marvel’s ‘Incredibly Human’ Superheroes

When it comes to Marvel Comics, they have transcended into an art of storytelling that was both fantastic and brimming with humanizing relatability. When Stan Lee first came up with the premise of Spider-Man, he was making an attempt to reach out to the common citizen, taking a young boy named Peter Parker and putting him in a superheroic role as opposed to being relegated to a sidekick position. After decades, Spidey and many other loveable, emotionally vulnerable heroes have climbed to the top of every comicbook reader’s top ten.




The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given a live-action representation of everyone’s favorite comicbook characters, presenting audiences with a new, more endearing perspective to their personalities and how they interact with one another.




Now that a villainous presence threatens the heroes of the MCU, fans are on the edge of their sets, hoping that their favorites won’t perish in battle.




The recent installments from Marvel Studios like Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther have given fans more characters to love. One of the newest additions to the MCU had something to say about the “incredibly human” relatability of Marvel’s superheroes.

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