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Terminally Ill Boy Dreamed Of Meeting Iron Man So Robert Downey, Jr. Turned Into A Real-Life Superhero

Thanks to big visions from talented filmmakers, Marvel Studios has exponentially increased the popularity of superhero movies over the past decade. Even for the casual fan, who may not spend their free time reading comicbooks, there is a sense of connection to certain characters that they see on the silver screen. As advancements in cinematographic technology continue to push forward, the superhero genre has been one of the biggest beneficiaries, and there is an even bigger feel when you walk away from these films that the impossible is possible after all.



Many of these superheroes have withstood the test of time, continuing to resonate with their audience – both young and old alike. Characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America have been featured in comicbooks for decades and their arcs and stories play out on the big screen to this day. Huge productions like the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War blend the old and the new, with mainstream and supporting characters blending together in one massive multiverse that is 10 years in the making.



It’s not just the superheroes, anti-heroes, and villains that viewers rally around. The actors that play these characters give fans a reason to rally around them, too.


In 2016, the stars of Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, dressed as Thor and Loki, showed up to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. The on-screen brothers and off-screen friends brought along props and toys from Ragnarok to hand out to the kids. Last summer, Tom Holland, who’s played Peter Parker/Spider-Man since Captain America: Civil War, dressed in his Spidey-suit and surprised his young fans with a meet and greet at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.



Earlier this week, several actors who don superhero costumes for a living, showed that they are equally as super in their regular threads when they answered Fox News host Shannon Bream’s call to action on Twitter. Bream asked support from the Twitterverse in getting the attention of one of the Avengers who could send a terminally ill boy named Emilio a message as his last wish. The response Bream received was overwhelming.



The stars that play the biggest superheroes in the multiverse are aware of how connected children are to their characters, and we see time and time again how connected these actors feel towards these kids.


While many of the brightest stars in the MCU (and the DCEU) were sending their well wishes to Emilio stateside, Robert Downey, Jr. was across the pond granting yet another wish to a special young fan.

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