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Ten Marvel Superheroes With Far More Strength Than Some Fans Realize



While Storm isn’t in possession of any defensive capacities, her ability to manipulate the weather affords her a vast range of powers that aren’t explicitly shown in the multiple X-Men films she appears in. She can control the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, cosmic storms, ocean currents, and solar winds. Furthermore, her martial arts expertise comes from training with the likes of Wolverine and Black Panther.

The Silver Surfer


In his first on-screen adaptation, The Silver Surfer could fly, heal from hits, and phase through objects. However, his full list of capabilities is seemingly infinite: he possesses faster-than-light reaction speeds, illusion casting abilities, gravity manipulation, clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinetic powers. He can also travel through time and create powerful forcefields.



Although Sentry can be viewed as a Superman clone on the surface, the depth of his power spans far more than one would expect. He has ripped Ares, the God of War, clean in half and stopped Terrax’s cosmic ax with a casual swipe of his arm. Sentry also possesses inestimable energy manipulation abilities, matter transmutation powers, and telepathy. He is the only being that can bring death upon himself if he chooses.

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