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Ten Marvel Superhero Favorites With Far More Strength Than Most Realize

When most people think of powerful superheroes, they often refer to the likes of Superman or the Hulk. However, heavier comicbook fans are privy to the most intimate abilities that their favorite heroes possess, while the public is none the wiser.


Although the films from Marvel Studios provide a glimpse into the real power it’s super-heroic roster holds, these ten characters from Marvel Comics are far more of a threat physically, mentally, and cosmically than many passive fans may be aware of. Check out the list below…




Thor’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given the scope of his powers a firm foundation. His godly strength with and without the aid of his trusty war-hammer Mjölnir puts him in the same weight class as the Hulk, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok. He can also twirl the hammer around incredibly fast, allowing him to possess the power of flight.


What many don’t know is that Thor has obscure abilities that enable him to travel inter-dimensionally; manipulate weather, time, and matter; and regenerate limbs. His ability to enter “Warrior Madness Mode” also increases his strength and stamina by 10 times his average amount.




Deadpool has been steadily approaching the top of everyone’s favorite anti-hero list since his more faithful on-screen adaptation in 2016. He possesses some staggering abilities such as his proficiency in conventional weaponry, including swords and guns, and his healing factor.


What some fans may not know is that his immortality is thanks to Thanos’ jealousy over Deadpool’s love affair with Mistress Death. The curse of eternal life was given to Deadpool by a mercenary named T-Ray on Thanos’ orders. Deadpool is also in possession of a magic satchel containing infinite amounts of ammunition and weapons, as well as an item that grants him the power of teleportation.


Captain Britain


Brian Braddock is yet to be portrayed in the MCU, which is a shame because his range of powers far exceeds that of a supersoldier. His strength comes from a source of magic instead of a scientifically-created serum, greatly enhancing his speed and durability. He can also fly, generate force fields, and emit debilitating blasts from his body. Braddock possesses a genius level I.Q., as well.


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