Taika Waititi And Marvel Studios Look Like They’re Coming Together Once Again

The wheels are ever turning in the minds of Kevin Feige and the other higher-ups at Marvel Studios. For us fans and mere mortals, it seems like it’s the beginning of the end. Behind the scenes, however, things are steadily moving forward much further than we even know.


What is coming after Avengers 4? We don’t quite know yet. Apart from some announced sequels to films like Black Panther and Spider-Man, everything is uncharted, as far as the public knows. That is why it is a pleasant (but not altogether surprising) announcement that Taika Waititi has reportedly met with Marvel Studios for a potential future project.




The New Zealander director came into the MCU in a later stage as he helmed Thor: Ragnarok, but it seems that the great success of the film has Marvel coming back for more. After Ragnarok’s release in 2017, Waititi has been enjoying the movie’s success before getting back to work in directing the upcoming film Jojo Rabbit. 


His schedule may be opening up in the near future to take the reins on an unnamed project in the elusive Phase Four of the MCU, which will virtually begin once Avengers 4 is finished. Although there are no specific details about a partnership with Marvel Studios as for yet, a favored rumor is Waititi coming in to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Currently production of the second Guardians sequel film has halted in an unprecedented turn of events, so the need for Marvel Studios to reshuffle and regroup is dire.




With the recent departure of Guardians director James Gunn, a very important role needs to be filled if the studio plans to keep on with the franchise. Considering that the Guardians standalone films are significantly more whimsical than the other MCU films (minus Thor: Ragnarok,) concern has steadily built over who has the ability to continue this franchise in a way that does the previous films justice, if not James Gunn. This is where Waititi could come in.


Fan consensus is that Waititi would be a shoe-in to direct the third film. His work on Thor: Ragnarok shows that he is definitely capable of mixing drama with flamboyance and comedy, as well as the fact that he is able to commit fully to the other-worldliness of the other planets and realms of the MCU. All of this has caused hopeful speculation from fans around the world about Waititi bringing his unique set of directorial skills to the table once more, for Guardians or otherwise.




With the new phase of the MCU steadily approaching, the news of Taika Waititi meeting with the powers that be at Marvel Studios is only good news! For now, it seems that Thor’s story arc may come to an end soon, but Chris Hemsworth did go on record to say that he could reprise the role once more if a good script came along, despite his contract being over after Avengers 4.


So what will Taika Waititi be doing with Marvel in the future? We don’t know yet, but here’s to hoping the meeting has led to great things, as it clearly did the first time since it brought us Thor: Ragnarok!


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