The Symbiotes Are Getting A New Origin Story In Sony’s Upcoming ‘Venom’

Two weeks from today we’re going to be able to finally see not only Venom but also the rest of the alien symbiotes that make their way to Earth in the long-anticipated Spider-Man “spinoff,” Venom. Fans have been clamoring for the past year and a half to see Tom Hardy step into the shoes of Eddie Brock and Venom. While it won’t be the first time we’re seeing the character in live-action, it does seem like this one will be more accurate to the source material than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 was.




With that being said, the symbiotes are going to have their own origin story that fits into the movie that may deviate from the comics a bit. During an interview with IGN, Venom‘s VFX supervisor, Paul Franklin, revealed how the symbiotes make their way to Earth:

“We see, at the beginning of the film, the moment when the symbiotes are collected up by a Life Foundation space probe, which finds them on a comet drifting through space, approaching Earth. And the space probe is out there looking for signs of life, and they can’t believe their luck. There’s life signals everywhere, all across this asteroid.”




He also went on to explain that it wasn’t an accident the comet or asteroid comes to Earth:

“The symbiotes seem to actively want to be collected. Because it’s all part of their plan to come to Earth. They’re looking for planets where they can find hosts to inhabit. They’ve never really found a place where they can exist in harmony with the life forms of whatever planet they find themselves on.”




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