‘Stranger Things’ Combines With 80s Sitcom ‘Perfect Strangers’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The 80s were chock-full of cheese and classic saccharine sitcoms such as Perfect Strangers. Jimmy Kimmel saw the perfect opportunity to create a mash-up of the Netflix series Stranger Things and the Family Matters spin-off.


Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker reprised their roles as Larry and Balki for this comedic segment that is set in the familiar Chicago apartment. The spoof begins with the two characters discussing a new roommate moving into their place, and the idea of Balki’s “sister’s uncle’s dog’s nephew” moving in doesn’t seem to sit well with Larry.


The Demogorgon (later revealed to be played by Kimmel himself) smashes through the front door as the narrator begins to play off this terrifying creature from the Upside Down in typical buddy comedy fashion. The creature proves it is a less than desirable roommate, “decorating” the living room with the same cryptic Christmas lights used by Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) in Stranger Things. The creature even uses Balki’s toothbrush, covering it in a viscous lime-green goo, however, the undeterred actor uses it anyway.

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