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Storm Takes On A Stunning Asgardian Transformation In New ‘X-Men Gold #25’

X-Men Gold #25 picks right up where the other one left off in the midst of a lot of chaos. A pretty bad deity known as Scythian, who the main X-Men team from the story met before in the Negative Zone, has escaped and plans to wreak absolute havoc on the world around him. Plus with the main X-Men team currently incarcerated for law breaking and property damage, there’s a lot of nervous tension for what’s to come next.




So with the A-Team out of commission, a secondary group of X-Men led by Iceman jumps into the fray to try and eliminate the threat while their comrades deal with their own set of troubles from behind bars. But as you know, nothing is ever that easy.




Enter Ororo Munroe AKA Storm, a familiar mutant who’s been a loyal member of the X-Men for years. She’s currently one of the characters locked in a cell, but it appears that she may be taking on her true form as weather goddess, or more appropriately, a goddess of thunder to take out this rampaging demon.




From the ruins of Asgard comes a familiar and unpredictable ally who hears her cries and feels her pain.


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