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Steve Spielberg Becomes First Director To Top $10 Billion, Here Are His Top 10 Films!

Steven Spielberg has been a legend in Hollywood for decades, but he just became the first to hit the incredibly lofty mark of $10 billion at the global box office. Ready Player One is his latest to hit #1 and has already totaled well over $300 million globally. With him reaching this milestone, we wanted to look back at his 10 most successful films.


10. The Adventures Of Tintin



This 2011 film had an estimated budget of $135 million and pulled in $374 million worldwide. The Adventures of Tintin also became the first non-Pixar movie to win the Golden Globe for Best Animated Picture.


9. Raiders of the Lost Ark



As the first film in the original Indiana Jones trilogy, it’s always been a fan favorite, both in the theaters when it originally opened and throughout the years. With an estimated $18 million dollar budget, it grossed around $390 million globally.


8. Jaws



Jaws has the lowest budget on this list with an estimated $7 million in costs, but it ended up grossing over $470 million worldwide. It also would strike fear into so many people that many are scared to go in the water at the beach to this day!


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