‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Won’t Be Affected By ‘Last Jedi’ Criticisms Says JJ Abrams

The fanbase for the Star Wars universe has seen a massive divide in regards to the latest film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Rian Johnson-directed film has seen a surge of positive reviews while raking in an impressive $1.321 billion at the box office.




However, many viewers have flung heavy criticisms onto the latest entry, aiming them at Luke Skywalker’s character portrayal, as well as plot elements such as the reveal of Rey’s parental origin and the (SPOILER) twist that left Supreme Leader Snoke halved by a lightsaber towards the end.




JJ Abrams had initially read Johnson’s script for Last Jedi, wanting to take a crack at directing himself. While the critiques lobbed at the film were thought to be taken into consideration, Abrams was quick to say otherwise.

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