Stan’s Rants: Mr. Lee Talks About Retirement!

In October 2014, Stan Lee took to YouTube to convey his thoughts on the subject of his retirement. POW! Entertainment and Vuguru gave the Marvel luminary a chance to invoke the spirit of his soapbox once more on the Stan’s Rants series.


In this video, Stan The Man is quick to refuse the idea of stepping away from the comicbook industry. If he did, who would appear in all of those fun little cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

He goes on to say, “If you’re having fun doing what you’re doing, why would you want to retire?” Stan then went on to express his sincere gratitude to all of his loyal fans. He politely told his admirers not to ask him to retire; if they’re tired or bored of listening to him, then they don’t have to pay attention!

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