Stan Lee’s Work Force Debuts Tomorrow!

You know Stan Lee as the creator of iconic comicbook characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Hulk, to name only a few. He has been known for decades as the extraordinary mind who created superhero characters on paper that have since stood the test of time and permeated the pop culture landscape.


But what would happen if Stan was surrounded by superheroes in his every day life?


Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment is proud to introduce Stan as the star of his own superhero story, coming to TheRealStanLee.com this week!



Stan Lee’s Work Force will revolve around the place where Stan feels most at home: his office. However, what may appear on the surface as a regular company with ordinary employees is anything but, since Stan leads a team who are as “super” as any of his own creations. The series follows the fantastical adventures Stan and his superhero staff embark on from 9-5, as an ordinary day at the office can entail meeting a publishing deadline… or dealing with an inter-dimensional monster attack.


The comedic episodic novel will debut right here, starting tomorrow, July 17th, with new chapters being released every Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to meet the members of Stan Lee’s Work Force and follow along with their hilarious escapades!


Who else is ready to witness an original Stan Lee universe come to life? Remember to check back tomorrow for the debut of Stan Lee’s Work Force and don’t forget to SHARE this on Facebook!