Stan Lee’s Anime Collaboration, The Reflection, Makes Its Highly-Anticipated Debut

It’s one of the most highly-anticipated titles to hit the genre in years and on July 22 The Reflection debuted on Japanese Public Broadcaster NHK. Executive produced by none other than Stan Lee, it represents the legend’s newest venture into anime. Now, fans on both sides of the globe are finally able to see the first proposed 12-episode series run that many regard as an important collaboration between Western superhero mythology, Eastern animation and storytelling.

There’s Some Famous Names Associated With This New Anime


The narrative revolves around the title event, which covers the world in a deadly smoke that kills many. Those who survive come out with superpowers, with some on the side of good…and others on the side of evil. Thus we have the set-up for an ongoing battle between right and might, with the fate of mankind – or what’s left of it – hanging in the balance. Studio DEEN is behind the production and the project has been in development since 2015.

Here’s The Preview Reel, Narrated By Stan Lee Himself:

Hiroshi Nagahama, of Mushishi fame, directs the series, along with several big name stars in the cast, including Shinichiro Miki as the voice of good guy Xon, Satoshi Mikami as the villainous I-Guy and Idol group 9nine members Kanae Yoshii, Hirona Murata, Uki Satake, and Sayaka Nishiwaki as Kana, Hiro, Uki, and Saya. They’ll be contributing a song for the closing credits. Famed UK producer and songwriter, Trevor Horn, will be responsible for the soundtrack overall.

There’s even a character named Mr. Mystique (voiced by Tomomichi Nishimuru) who looks a lot like a certain someone we know. Check him out:

Look Familiar?


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