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Stan Lee Talks Diversity While Promoting Black Eyed Peas Graphic Novel

When talented people from different creative mediums join forces on a heartfelt collaborative project, they wind up with something uniquely captivating to share with the world.


The Black Eyed Peas’ recent comicbook journey has led to a graphic novel, Masters Of The Sun: Zombie Chronicles.


Needless to say, both Marvel and the Black Eyed Peas are looking towards the future. Stan Lee shares the same sentiment, praising the graphic novel for its fresh take on social issues and exploration into historical events that remain pertinent to the world today.


Here is the official synopsis for Black Eyed Peas Present – Masters Of The Sun: Zombie Chronicles:


“The fictionalized saga begins with the City of Los Angeles under attack by aliens, while humans are morphing into zombies. The main character, Zulu-X, who also has a penchant for Hip-Hop, is thrust into the middle of the action-packed adventure, fighting a nefarious ancient order with the combination of wisdom and street smarts. Blending music with comics, Masters of the Sun draws upon will.i.am’s personal story from his youth in the 1980’s, and embodies real-life social allegories that include L.A. gangs, Hip-Hop and street dance culture.”


Check Out Stan Lee’s Narration Video On Page 2 Regarding Masters Of The Sun And Its Promotion Of Diversity…