Spider-Man w/ Doctor Strange? And Is ‘Far From Home’ Dwarfing ‘Homecoming?’

One of the more surprising revelations that we witnessed during Avengers: Infinity War was how great Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch were together onscreen. Between the writers (Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) and directors (Joe and Anthony Russo), Marvel Studios had an incredible task in how they were going to match up characters from different franchises during the epic. Each new combination we saw was special, but there was something about Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange that made it even more special. Maybe it was the banter, maybe it was the similarities between Strange and Stark, or maybe it was the British connection with Holland and Cumberbatch. Either way, fans want more.




Cumberbatch and Holland’s special bond was on display on set and off, as well. During the press tour, the studio made sure Cumberbatch was right next to Holland to make sure the young Avenger didn’t divulge any information that he wasn’t supposed to. As we all know by now, Holland has a tendency to let spoilers leak on occasion. With their connection being what it is and the fact that it’s been said Iron Man won’t appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home, rumors have started surfacing that Doctor Strange may make an appearance in the Homecoming sequel.




During a conversation with /film, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige addressed these rumors:

“I could be coy about it, but no… I don’t wanna get people excited. But Benedict and Holland have liked the idea of working together.”




So, as simple as that, another rumor gets squashed, but that isn’t the only news about Far From Home that’s surfaced lately.


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