‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Video Game Pays Homage To Scorpion’s Comicbook Origins

The new Spider-Man video game that released earlier this month is off to a great start. People are raving about how cool and innovative the gameplay is, and the overall visual appeal of it all is certainly over the top gorgeous. Being able to play as your favorite wall-crawler in a large, open world is even more fun than it sounds, and it’s highly recommended that you grab yourself a copy to give a try personally.




What’s awesome about the game too is that there are tons of iconic Spider-Man bad guys to face off against, not the least of which is the Scorpion!




This Sinister Six villain was basically engineered to be the perfect opposition for Spider-Man based on the original comicbook source material.




The writers of the game really took notice of how important Scorpion’s origin story is to make him a proper adversary in every right when stacked up against Spider-Man. So when the webhead came to PS4, so did the Scorpion with a little history lesson.


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