‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Trailer At E3 Teases A Bunch Of Villains And Some Cliffhangers

The biggest week in gaming is here! That’s right, E3 is happening again. The three day long event, known also as Electronic Entertainment Expo, invites gamers, creators, and anyone involved in this massive industry to see the newest video games and the most innovative gaming technology the world has to offer. It truly is a video game fan’s paradise.


Leading up to the event, many platforms and companies have been teasing their presentations with trailers, concept art, and gameplay videos to hype up fans for the official reveal this week. One such game is Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4.




In 2016, Marvel’s new gaming division announced their collaboration with Insomniac Games and Sony to create their most graphically advanced game yet. Since then, we’ve seen Marvel roll out the red carpet, employing a seasoned team of writers, voice actors, and artists to create this project. As the first title to be put out by Marvel Games, they are clearly looking to make a splash.


So far, we’ve seen some preliminary gameplay videos released by Sony, as well as some illustrations created by Marvel veterans Alex Ross and Alexander Lozano and a short trailer. The game has been getting the fans excited, but what we have really been waiting for is the presentation at E3.




The first thing fans got was an interactive connection with the game. How could that happen? By having a gameplay demo at the convention, of course! Those attending E3 can see a glimpse of the final product first-hand, and so far it is not disappointing.



Fans and critics have agreed that the game puts you right into the skies of New York with Peter Parker in a way that hasn’t been done on video game platforms before. As mentioned in the tweet above, Sony’s official presentation did not even include the demo, meaning there is much more to be shown by Sony, Insomniac, and Marvel Games in the actual schedule. Fan reactions are in from the presentation, and it’s a doozie!


For those of you not able to play the demo at E3, the footage can also be seen RIGHT HERE.

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