Spider-Man May Or May Not Be Making A Cameo Appearance In ‘Venom’

Our friend Peter Parker is not in a good spot right now, on screen. The poor kid left school to help out Tony Stark but ended up having arguably one of the most heartbreaking deaths in Infinity War. We have until next year (at least) until we hopefully get to see our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swing again, and some more time after that for a Homecoming sequel, but luckily, a black symbiote is coming to theaters and it bears an eerie resemblance to the web-slinger.




The upcoming solo film Venom, starring Tom Hardy, comes out this fall. The fan-favorite alien symbiote is finally getting its own movie. But as we obviously know, the character looks remarkably like Spider-Man. So will the righteous, red and blue counterpart make a cameo in the new Venom film?


Although Ben Affleck’s Batman wasn’t a huge part of Suicide Squad, he still made a little cameo to let fans know that he existed within that universe. So the deeper question is, does Spider-Man exist within the Venom universe? Will there be a round 2 between Spider-Man and Venom since the original Spider-Man 3?




So far, we’ve heard mixed reports as to whether Venom is a distant part of the MCU. Since Sony is producing Venom, not Disney, there’s no requirement that the two characters need to meet, although it would be really cool. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had previously stated that the two films are not related, while Sony Producer Amy Pascal called the two films “adjuncts.”


Despite all this, there have still been rumors about Tom Holland (or at least some suited-up actor) as Spider-Man making some kind of cameo in the upcoming film. To attempt to get to the bottom of this, Empire Magazine interviewed the director, Ruben Fleischer, and asked him about the possibility of Spider-Man swinging into the fray. Unsurprisingly, Fleischer gave a super vague answer:

“This feels very much like Venom’s movie. It’s the introduction of the character. As to where it will go in future movies, and who he’ll run across, I can’t say.”




It is fair enough that in Venom’s first-ever solo film the team will look to put the focus solely on him. But his lack of directly denying the rumor still leaves us wondering. The intention for Venom is to create a full-on rival franchise with multiple films, so even if there is no Spider-Man in this first Venom film, there’s always time for a crossover in the future.


We’ll find out for sure when Venom comes to theaters on October 5, 2018! Don’t forget to SHARE this on Facebook!