Facts About Spider-Man And Deadpool’s Relationship That Make The Duo One Of A Kind

Presently, Spider-Man and Deadpool are two of the most bankable superheroes in film. With Tom Holland carrying the mantle of Peter Parker, the sky seems to be the limit with this character. He’s young, handsome, and charming, and he’s has brought something to the role that had made Marvel Studios’ version of the character something that can carry the MCU into Phase 4 and beyond. With a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming on the horizon, we’re just waiting to see how they pull this off after the events of Avengers: Infinity War.




Deadpool 2 opened in theaters less than a month ago and is a certified hit. Wade Wilson has become a household name ever since Ryan Reynolds and company took control over the production with 20th Century Fox. Whether he’s on-screen breaking the fourth-wall or Reynolds is channeling his inner Deadpool in real life, people can’t get enough. In the comicbooks, though, Deadpool and Spider-Man have quite the relationship. Here’s a look at some of the best moments they’ve had together.


It Started Rocky


Like most of Deadpool’s first interactions with anyone, he tends to rub people the wrong way. The first time these two met in the prime Marvel continuity was in 2006 in Cable/Deadpool #24. In the issue, Pool wasn’t searching for Peter Parker; instead, he was after a different Daily Bugle reporter who happened to be with Parker. A fight ensued, Spider-Man got thrown off a bridge, and their relationship started.


Cut From The Same Cloth


It’s no surprise they ended up as a friendly pair. Deadpool was actually designed in the same vein as Spider-Man with Deadpool’s creator, Rob Liefeld, admitting that since he didn’t have access to Spidey and Wolverine, he made his own.


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