Sony’s ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Film Looks To Add Spider-Man And A Familiar Director

Spider-Man is and has been one of the most popular superheroes in the pages of comicbooks, animated on television, and live-action on the silver screen. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse adds an animated feature film to that list, and although Sony and Marvel/Disney have a deal in place that allows Peter Parker to live in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony Pictures is moving forward with spin-off films centered around characters in his world. Venom was the first to hit theaters, and the film not only did well, but it also broke multiple records on its way to an $80 million domestic box office as well as $205 million internationally. It seems pretty safe to say that Sony will continue on this path.




There are already plans in place for a film based on the character Morbius the Living Vampire, and Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto has already signed on to lead the film. Also on the docket is a movie featuring Kraven the Hunter, another villain from the universe of Spider-Man comics. Not too much has been known about the movie until recently as the film’s writer, Richard Wenk, has gone on the record about what his goals are with the film, and one of those is to have Spider-Man show up if possible…




During an episode of the Discussing Film podcast, Wenk had this to say:

“It’s an interesting world, a great character… it’s in the Spider-Man universe. I’m going to adhere very closely to the lore of Kraven the Hunter, and he’s going to come face-to-face with Spider-Man. I think that where we’re all circling is that this is Kraven’s Last Hunt, and whether this is the precursor to that movie, whether it will include it, we’re talking about those things. And even the idea that maybe Kraven could be like Kill Bill, basically a two-part movie. It’s all in the mix.”




Venom was an easy transition to do, as he’s a well known and popular character. While Kraven may not be quite the name Venom is, if they’re able to secure Spider-Man in the film, it may just work.


Wenk goes into more detail about what he wants from the movie, including the director, on the NEXT PAGE…