Sony Reveals Eddie Brock’s Notebook Showing Major Details Of The Sequel’s Villain

WARNING: Spoilers For Venom Ahead. If You Haven’t Seen The Film Yet, Turn Around…


There has been a lot of talk about Venom over the past few weeks, and it’s not a surprise. Sony’s long-anticipated Spider-Man spinoff has one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in Tom Hardy as its lead and it’s a Marvel film, there always bound to be a lot of hype. Then the premiere came and word started to spread that it wasn’t as good as we all hoped, but that came from the critics. Fans didn’t listen and showed up in record numbers to push Venom‘s domestic box office total to $80 million in its opening week. Also, the fans came back with a B+ review on CinemaScore… Not too shabby for the newest anti-hero on the block!




Venom‘s opening weekend just so happened to coincide with New York Comic Con. While Marvel Studios didn’t have a presence there with the film side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony was there in support of their latest movie, and they had something very special on display. Now, if you haven’t seen the film, now would be the time to stop reading as this will give away one of the cooler surprises…




Displayed at NYCC was a notebook belonging to Eddie Brock. While he may be one with Venom, he is also an investigative journalist and Sony was showing off his notes on a certain serial killer we see in one of the post-credit scenes. Cletus Kasady, known to comicbook fans as the host for Carnage, is played by Woody Harrelson and looks to be the sequel’s upcoming villain. Fans have been waiting quite some time to see these Venom and Carnage battle it out on-screen, and it seems to be only a matter of time now. The notebook goes into great detail about what Eddie knows about Kasady, and we’re certain Venom knows a thing or two about Carnage. Check out the notebook below…




Prior to the release of Venom, Harrelson went on record to say that he played a small role in the film, and as it turns out he was right. Only thing is, that small part is going to have some large ramifications in the future. Venom is in theaters now!


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