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Six Times Stan Lee Was As Super As His Creations Are!

Stan Lee has been in the business of comicbooks for over 75 years, going back to his time as an assistant to Joe Simon and Jack Kirby when Marvel was known as Timely Comics.  While he may have started out cleaning inkwells and proofreading stories, Stan eventually made his way up to writer, then editor, then publisher, and eventually a worldwide icon and unofficial ambassador to the world of comics and cartoons.


While he was and remains a prolific creator, on a few occasions, he’s even appeared as a character in his and other people’s stories. While we may tend to think of Stan’s “cameos” as a fairly recent cinematic phenomenon (while there are quite a few before it, Stan’s first “Modern Era” cameo is often considered to be in 2000’s X-Men), Stan’s penchant to pop-up in and on comicbooks goes back even far further than that.


An early example is the cover of Black Rider #8 (cover date March 1950), where a very familiar cowboy is peering over that black bandana:




While in most of his appearances, Stan tends to play either some version of himself or a casual observer somewhere, there are a few times that he’s been depicted as a superhero himself, both on stage and on screen.


Here’s a half-dozen that we at TheRealStanLee.com love:


Super-Stan (aka Slurpee-Cup Man), 7-11 Slurpee Cups (1975)




In 1975, 7-11 released a series of 60 Slurpee cups celebrating Marvel superheroes. One of those happened to be an original creation going by the name of “Super-Stan,” or as the poem on the back of the cup (penned by Stan himself) identified him “Slurpee-Cup Man.” While sippin’ a Slurpee out of Super Stan would have set you back about a quarter at the time it was released (drink included), at the time of this publication copping just a cup on its own could set you back upwards of 30 bucks if you’re lucky enough to find one online.