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Six Actors Left Unrecognizable After Their ‘Super’ Makeup Jobs!

One can only imagine how often and quickly actors have to evolve to meet the ever-growing demands and expectations of the film industry. Special effects and stunning makeup artistry bring actors one step closer to metamorphosing into lifelike characters. Makeup artists tasked with turning humans into a dreaded swamp monster, a “thing,” or a fiendishly clever gangster clown face no easy feat, as illustrated by some of the most impressive transformations shown below.

Michael Chiklis As The Thing In Fantastic Four


Michael Chiklis ended up spending months beneath latex rock for his role as Ben Grimm. Initial test applications from the makeup crew clocked in at a grueling 5 1/2 hours. However, with practice, the makeup artists were able to complete the transformation in just over 2 hours and sometimes as quickly as an hour. Though wearing the latex was exhausting and incredibly uncomfortable, the actor was apparently a good sport about it.


“I dealt with it through comedy,” Chiklis said. “I end up ranting schtick and making them laugh while they attack me physically. I quote Little Britain and my favorite comedy bits: ‘I look a pillock!’ I think it’s brilliant. I was turned on to it by Wendy, one of the make-up people, has it on DVD and we watch it in the trailer.”