Shamrock Supers: 10 Irish Superheroes And Villains To Discover During The St. Patty’s Day Celebration

Hailing from the Emerald Isle, the Irish superheroes and villains below possess a heritage brimming with history. While the war of good vs. evil wages on, the influence of their ancestry can sometimes play a part in their storylines, taking cues of religious significance and more. With St. Patrick’s day right around the corner, it’s time to delve into the backstories of 10 comicbook heroes and villains with an Irish heritage.


10. Aquaman/Arthur Curry

In 1941’s More Fun Comics #73, DC’s Aquaman by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris had been born and raised in the ocean. However, a recent retcon of the character from DC Comics Bombshells #14 places him in the role of Irishman Arthur Curry, who never became the ruler of Atlantis, rescuing Mera after the Battle of Britain and standing beside her as she was crowned the Queen of Atlantis.

9. Black Tom Cassidy

Cousin to Banshee, Thomas “Black Tom” Cassidy made his first appearance in 1976’s X-Men #99 by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum. Granted the ability to emit concussive waves through wood, the villain always travels around with a skull-topped shillelagh and makes no bones about shooting everything down.

8. Shamrock


Daughter of an IRA militant, Molly Fitzgerald has the powers of affecting chance in the realm of Domino. The character was created for Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 by Mark Gruenwald, Bill Mantlo, Steven Grant and John Romita, Jr. in 1982, and later retired from superhero work to run a bar in New York.

7. Hitman


Former Gulf War infantryman, Tommy Monaghan became a contracted assassin, working from the Cauldron in the low-income neighborhoods of Gotham City. A raid of parasitic creatures invaded and one of them bit Tommy, awakening his metagene and granting him telepathy as well as x-ray vision. He went on to update his business model, attempting to take out anyone with superpowers in his series created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea.


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