Sensational September Holidays to Celebrate This Month

Hello, Autumn! Well, maybe. Technically, the season begins the 22nd, but we’re suspecting that it may still feel like summer to many of our readers. Whether it’s cooling down, warming up, raining, or sunny, we’ve got some special September holidays below that are sure to please anywhere and everywhere!


September 2: Bowling League Day

OK, can someone please explain how to correctly keep score in bowling? Also, what does axis tilt, baby split, washout, sour apple, half ten, and baker game mean? Perhaps I’m not quite ready for a bowling league, but if you were able to answer my above questions, how about you give your local team a try today?



September 5: Be Late for Something Day

Pro tip: Choose something innocuous to ‘celebrate’ this day, like a low-key dinner with friends. If you’re, say, a surgeon or a firefighter – or anything like that – we respectfully request that you sit this holiday out because, you know, people’s lives may depend on it. (It’s also International Day of Charity AND Cheese Pizza Day, so you’ve got plenty of other options!)



September 8: National Ampersand Day

Who else has immense trouble writing one of these logograms? If you’re like me, how about you ditch the drawing effort and focus on another Ampersand: Yorick Brown’s pet Capuchin monkey. Yes, he’s a monkey, but he’s a pretty important one: along with Yorick, he’s the only other male mammal to survive the Plague. That’s certainly a triumph to revel in, so pick up a copy of Y: The Last Man and hang out with Ampersand today.



September 13: Fortune Cookie Day

“About time that I got out of that cookie,” “Come back later… I am sleeping. (Yes, cookies need their sleep too),” “You will be hungry again in one hour,” “How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?”, “Only listen to the fortune cookie; disregard all other fortune telling units.” Yeah, according to the interwebs, these were all real adages! Have you ever received a bizarre fortune? If so, do tell!


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