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Sebastian Stan Reveals His End-Credit Scene In ‘Black Panther’ Is Actually Longer

Who exactly is James Buchanan Barnes right now? Is he the Winter Soldier or is he the White Wolf? We’re going to go out on a limb, or not take a stance at all, and just refer to him as Bucky. For those who haven’t seen Black Panther or its end-credit scene, Bucky was referred to as “White Wolf” during that end-credit scene and reports have him changing his moniker to that during Avengers: Infinity War, but until that is official, we’re going to stick with Bucky.




There are a few things we know about Bucky heading into Infinity War. He’s been in Wakanda since the end of Captain America: Civil War, and it seems that Shuri has figured out how to reverse the brainwashing he experienced at the hands of Hydra. She has also outfitted him with a new arm, likely more powerful than his original due to the vibranium technology she has at her disposal. He’s also going to be a major player in the battle for Wakanda when Thanos comes to town. While we only saw a short clip of him in the African country, Sebastian Stan recently revealed the original scene was much longer.




While appearing at this year’s Wizard World Portland (via Cinema Blend), Stan discussed Black Panther’s end-credit scene…

“There was something really actually funny about that scene. It’s definitely better the way it is now, I think. But that scene was at least 8 more minutes long than what we saw. And it was like a more inquisitive Bucky. He was kind of really going, ‘Why do they call it these?’ And [Shuri] was telling him a little about it, and they kind of walk in a direction, and then he walked over and started hanging out with elders and playing with the kids, but you don’t see that.”




The film’s director, Ryan Coogler ultimately decided to cut the scene down to what we saw, but we may be getting some more insight on his time spent in Wakanda when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.


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