‘Saturday Night Live’s’ ‘Black Panther’ Parody Shows Off ‘Deleted Scene’

In the realms of parody, nothing is off-limits, and franchises that take themselves too seriously will ultimately receive an even funnier spoof. Marvel and the MCU are no stranger to their comical counterparts. Shows like Saturday Night Live have spoofed characters like Black Widow and the film industry as a whole for ignoring the fact that the heroine is yet to receive her own movie. That skit was done back in 2015, and now Marvel Studios is planning a Black Widow solo movie to be released five years later in 2020.




Saturday Night Live has also recently taken a comedic swing at some of the later entries within the Marvel Studios catalog, including an homage to the incredibly successful Black Panther. With the film now raking in $1 billion and counting in its global ticket sales, it’s no wonder that it is getting as much attention from such esteemed outlets of pop culture.




Hosted by Sterling K. Brown (who also stars in Black Panther,) this episode of Saturday Night Live featured a walk through the Ancestral Plane where King T’Challa visited those who came before him. The skit opens with a narrator talking about the Black Panther movie and some deleted scenes that are yet to be released.



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