Samuel L. Jackson Believes Infinity War’s Ending Could’ve Changed Had Nick Fury Been Involved

Out of all of the actors in Hollywood and all of the films they’ve starred in, nobody has seen the kind of success at the box office that Samuel L. Jackson has. If we count Avengers: Infinity War into his total, since he did show up in the post-credits scene, it isn’t even close, either. When you score roles as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Mace Windu in the Star Wars saga, it’s pretty easy to obliterate the rest of the actors on the list.




Not only has Jackson starred in some of the highest grossing films of all time, he’s also been in some of the most critically acclaimed. From Pulp Fiction to A Time To Kill to Shaft to Jurassic Park (and who could forget Snakes on a Plane), Samuel L. Jackson has done it all. This also includes work as a voice actor. Up next for him is Incredibles 2, where he voices Lucius Best, better known as Frozone, and it’s certain to be another smash hit for the actor. Playing or voicing the part of a character in the superhero world, even the animated kind, is nothing new for him.




With the film set to hit theaters on June 15th, Jackson has been making the rounds with the press to promote the release, and naturally, the ending of Infinity War was bound to come up in the interviews. During the press junket for Incredibles 2, Jackson, never one to tread lightly, had some thoughts about what would’ve been different had Nick Fury been more involved. Per CBR.com:

“As I remember, that whole family kind of fell out in [Avengers: Infinity War], which, I mean, it happens! It’s because nobody called me to make ’em be good. I brought all of these people into S.H.I.E.L.D., and now all of a sudden, I’m not there! So, no, I can’t relate, I can’t relate [to family in the MCU].”




He also went on to discuss the success Marvel Studios is having with each and every film that comes out:

“It’s like they have this secret sauce. Sometimes on set I’ll look at the director like, ‘This guy’s only done a TV show, why is he here?’ Or, ‘This person’s only done serious dramas, why is he here?’ But there’s something that they know or they find that makes it work — and the relationships between the people on the inside of these films has always been very intimate and intricate.”



Jackson probably would’ve continued to wax poetic about the MCU, but writer/director Brad Bird cut in jokingly saying, “When did this become an Infinity War junket?!”


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